Blade 2, Sopra 2 or 3 or Scala Evo?

Having had my NAD C370/Canton Ergo RC-L for two decades, im now up for a very exciting and an serious upgrade. The Ergo is true full range, but a bit sharp in the treble, the combination gives a warm, intimate sound (a bit small soundscape, midrange with drawn, details ok), and by the way my Audeze LCD-2.2 with Burson Conductor Virtuoso sounds amazing to me.

Have spent quite some time auditioning speakers in different sizes, price ranges, brands, both here in Stockholm and last few years i was living in Singapore (Adelphi is a 6 story shopping mall with audio and high end only stores - go there if you get the chance!! ), ive made the following shortlist.

I've narrowed down to these options (for the moment)
- Focal Sopra no 2 or 3
- Focal Scala Utopia Evo (very different from V2)
- Kef Blade 2

i listen to Drum´n´Bass, EDM, Compressed Pop, Contemporary and classical jazz, some blues, opera and classical and modern and old fart rock. No LPs or CDs, only FLAC and lossless streaming.

Music and how the artform and the artists having created the music (-art piece) - moves me, affects me emotionally either by the fun and joy it creates or just being touched. I want the system to communicate feelings rather than presenting facts. Music and musicians play for me in the room, things should feel they happen in the room (in contrast to feeling transported into the recording, to another place) Slight warmth and very slight forgiving preferred to perfect neutrality.
Electronics? my NAD M51 and the Mac Mini + Amarra will stick for a few years but i intend to buy Moon, Pass Labs, MBL, Boulder, Burmester, Bryston, Plinius (also preferably demo or preowned) depending on which speaker i choose.

Live in Stockholm and will buy in europe, either new, demo or pre owned (thus the huge price range from PMC fact 12 to Scala Utopia 2 for example).
havent had the chance to try any of them in my 6,6x4.2 room (32sqm) with 2.8m ceiling.

Have listened to in different rooms, with different electronics (often weeks or months apart .... )

The presentation between the Focals and the KEF is quite different, Focals (That is sopra and the latest scala EVO) being more airy and have higher resolution and KEF more precise in soundstage etc, But I'm not sure which is most natural and gives the most "singer in the room" feeling.

I wonder if the Sopra 3 and the Scala EVO will give my room to much of the bass (I'll be able to position the quite freely, but they need to be along the long wall) or they will be to lose to the back wall or the listener cramping the soundstage, some reviewers note they need space any experience?

thanks in advance, any comments, suggestions or feedback apreciated !

Since you are in Europe, if you go KEF Blade 2, you should also look at Electrocompaniet Nemo amps.  KEF uses them to demo the Blade in their factory museum.  I am using them with my KEF Reference 5s and they are outstanding.
Thanks Greg. i first heard them with Electrocompaniet AW 400, the grip, the slam and the details in the bass was something i never heard before. ill revisit that thought of Electrocompaniet definitely!
Between the Focals, it's not even close, the Scala EVO (the price differential reflects that). 

That room is pretty big, 4.2m depth should be fine as long as you set the bass jumpers to the low setting (one of the best things about the Focals besides the performance is the flexibility).  On my Maestros, putting the jumper in the low position transformed bass in my room - took the bass from being a little heavy to whip quick and extremely articulated - I was pretty shocked at the difference.
Scala EVO will work perfectly in your room, due to the fact that it has many adjustments as @bar81 pointed out.

I'd take it all day over the Sopra 3.  Not only due to the Sopra not having the ability to fine tune the sound, but also due to the fact that it's a far better speaker, as the price suggests.
Thanks for all the responses!

Any comments comparing Focal Sopra 3 and KEF Blade 2 for a room size like this? since they are in the same price range etc.