Blade vs S5 vs Avior vs Hansen's Prince E's

Was supposed to be S5 not M5 as in previous post.

So yes, how is anyone supposed to make a decision when a proper evaluation is next to impossible???

Maybe choosing the dealer rather than the brand???
Avior was my choice and would unhesitatingly recommend the same one year down the road
You have many speakers that all sound very different to my ears, you need to go listen to them, take up the previous posters offer. Fly to NYC and spend a day or two listening to all of them and decide for yourself!
I auditioned the following in the past year and I decided to buy the Blades + Bryston amps. I could live with most of these speakers but the Blades were my favourite

Thiel CS 3.7 + Classe amps

Vienna Accoutics Kiss with Audio Research digital amps

Vienna Accoutics The Music with 6 subs (forgot the amps)

TAD Evolution One with Audio Research digital amps

KEF Blade with Chord SPM 14000MkII Reference mono power amplifier

Wilson Alexia with D’Agostino Momemtum monoblocks

Wilson Alexandira XLF with D’Agostino Momemtum monoblocks

Magico Q7 with Bryston 28B-SST2

Bryston Model T with Bryston 28B-SST2

What did you think of the model T's

I think they sound damn good for the money, just wish they were better looking.

Off to the Montreal show, its in 10 days or so.