Blank audio cassettes ARE still made, even in the United States

I bought some bought haven't tried them yet. Need to get the cassette deck worked on yet.

National Audio in Springfield Missouri is the manufacturer.

They have three types of blank cassettes.


Any interest in NOS cassette tapes, unopened? If so, I have a few and will list them for sale here.

I bought some new old stock cassettes a few years ago from a few different sellers but didn't have any luck with them. If I had to guess they weren't stored properly. They didn't record well, poor sound quality. I'm not speaking of what you're offering, just what I purchased previously.

Mine were safely stored in a drawer below the av unit, so I suspect it’s more a question of potential bleed thru for mine.

I only sell things I can feel confident buyers will be quite happy about. I always offer unconditional refunds on anything I sell.

1 r2r tape box was destroyed (so bad it seemed purposely) by PO (tape lived). One early one I sold, the heavy tape inside moved and broke a corner of the box, I learned to put peanuts in the corners to prevent that. 2 refunds out of around 150 tapes sold, many LPs sold, some equipment sold.

I got tired of only making 3 or 4 dollars for the fairly common LP’s on ebay. Then inherited 4,000, sorted, gave many to friends, including 4 new friends from audiogon. Then sold a few thousand to 4 dealers who came here.

I might get back to selling stuff after the holidays.

Sorry Elliot, I misunderstood you. I thought you were selling BLANK tapes. Now I realize you're speaking of pre-recorded tapes. Woops.

ATR Magnetics makes and sells cassettes here in the US. They are selling off their Ampex ATR service division- there is an announcement about that on their home page- don't be put off by it.