Blank audio cassettes ARE still made, even in the United States

I bought some bought haven't tried them yet. Need to get the cassette deck worked on yet.

National Audio in Springfield Missouri is the manufacturer.

They have three types of blank cassettes.


BTW, just tried to order direct from ATR. The Silver series tapes are available from them. The Gold series tapes are sold out. I believe I have found a source for the Gold series at Lunchbox Audio:

I ordered two 5 packs of the Gold series from them.

Thanks again for the heads up.

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 I just deleted my message that says Lunchbox Audio is out of stock on the ATR Cobalt Gold Series blank cassettes.

 After I placed my order for two 5 packs, they notified me that they only had 4 blanks in stock. Apparently when they picked the order they found that they had more in stock than their inventory list showed. How many more? I don't know. They were able to fulfill my original order of two 5 packs though.