blast from the past

Scanning punchcards for my website. Ran across a CC receipt from July 24, 1973. It was for my Dual 1229 turntable. Also mentioned was 1000 MEX. I assume that was a cartridge but don’t recall the brand. Purchased at Musicraft in Chicago. Price for the 2 was $225.00. My gross income that year was $14015. Thing cost me 1.6% of my income. 😊


Now that you mention it I am not sure why I had them. I used to have 30+ years of records but trashed a few decades when I moved 6 years ago. I started my punch card website 15 years ago. The only thing I can think of is I previously did a culling of records but saved the receipts because they were punch cards. Remember boarding cards? They were punched cards and have a bunch of them, too. 😊

My pre-owned LP12 cost me $550 in 1985.

I also sold a very good condition Garrard 401 for $100 in 1987.

Of course, Telefunken ECC803S were $10 then.