Blindly deafly? bought Purple Flare cables...

Blindly (deafly?!) bought Nordost Purple Flare cables yesterday for my Rotel RA-1062 integrated amplifier, RCD-1072 CD player and B&W DM602 S3 speakers that I bought almost a deacde ago and never used (long story)...

I bought the analog interconnect, the speaker cables and the power cord for 2 dollars shy of a Grand after tax!

PLEASE tell me I did alright!

This exact system is no longer in stores and I don't think many places would let me bring my gear in and switch out cables...and it would have been a total hassle even if they would.

And I'm eager to finally start listening to my stereo.

I called A BUNCH of Rotel dealers yesterday, to try to get advice on what cables would pair up well with my equipment and I got a different answer out of everyone -

Audioquest, Nordost, Transparent, Tributaries, Kimber...

But a few mentioned the Nordost White Lightning.

I decided to take a drive to northern New Jersey to a BEAUTIFUL shop that claimed that they had all levels of Nordost and Transparent cables.

But when I got there they only had the whole lineup of Nordost cables and a few Transparent cables lying around.

The guy highly recommended the Purple Flares for my equipment - swears I'll be happy.

I could have gotten the White Lightning cables as a few people recommended, but I figured since I'm buying without hearing I'd 1) be safer moving one up the line, and 2) spending that kind of money on cables I'll have less doubt and worry that I didn't get good enough cables.

Please express your thoughts!
Well it seems that your assumption that spending more would make you worry less was incorrect based on this post :)

My advice is to relax and enjoy the music. You've purchased from a reputable manufacturer and nothing WE say will change the sound.

Use your ears and rely on yourself.
I don't get your post. You bought new cables and you're asking US to assess them for you. You should listen, see if you like what you hear and forget about us. It's your hi-fi.
Actually, I was in the same quandary about 6 months ago. I was hot to buy the Nordost Purple Flair based on briefly hearing it a few times, and before some reviews came trickling in.

Unfortunately, I need at least an 11 ft pair and that was expensive even with a local dealer's discount
However, I thought it might be more economical to go with the White Lighting model But I chucked that idea out the window, and like yourself decided to go further up the Nordost's new LE line, and considered the Red Dawn speaker cable

Interestingly, one of customer service reps, claimed that the Purple Flair was the best value for the buck in the new line. So,far, I have done nothing and am still farting around with an entry level pair of Audio Art SC5 speaker cable I bought about 1 year ago. Not bad, but I know my system deserves better.

I was just about to introduce a new thread about the chaos of budget cables popping up every freakin day. So as Danlib1 suggested just relax and listen to the music.

A reputable audio dealer will generally bend on returns, but I have a hunch you will really like the Nordost PF. Let us know what you experience with them is. If you rave about them, I just might buy a pair of the PF's and be done with it.