Blog: Upgrade Inductors with Care

Since the topic of upgrading crossovers comes up a lot I wrote a post that I hope you'll find useful.


Need to make a correction for clarity. I should have said:


You’ll find that for the most part the power dissipated in crossover components before the driver is far less than the power dissipated in a driver so it’s not the issue you think it is.

I find it interesting that Rockport, which don’t skimp on price when building their speakers, don’t use foil inductors. They claim they do not sound as good as perfect lay coil inductors.

Anytime I every upgraded my speakers or built a kit pair, I always used foil thinking it was the best. But I never thought to compare them.

@agisthos over in the DIYaudio forum you'll find builders who have, and many prefer iron core for woofers due to bass slam.