Blood ,Sweat, & Tears

I was just lucky enough to see and here them at a free concert in Buffalo. Now I am looking for a copy of the album with Spinning Wheels on it. What is the best quality vinyl copy of this album available today. I highly recommend going to see them if they pass through your city.Obviously these are not all original members but each one had a chance to showcase there talent and I was impressed enough to start looking for there music again.
I second the motion that the remastered CD is quite good. Check it out through an upsampling/interpolating system. Also, this was their 2nd album. As Ivan points out, the first was with Al Kooper and is called "Child is the Father to Man". It also is damn good and very different from the David Clayton Thomas BST. More bluesy and creative. But then 1968 was one of the most dynamic and superb years for rock/pop music ever.
Thank you all for your help . I will have to get both albums. The first " Child is the Father of Man" and the half speed mastered Columbia with "Spinning Wheels " on it. I new I could count on the members here to point me the right direction.