Blown Woofers in Matrix 802 S3

I have a quetsion I hope someone out there can help me with! I have a pair of B&W Matrix 802 S3 speakers driven by a Musical Fidelity M3 Integrated Amp. Has worked very well for many years. Source used to be MF 3D CD Player but now is computer based via a Logitech Duet to a Benchmark DAC 1 and into the amp. About eight months ago the lower right side woofer started making a scratching sound - I assumed it was blown/damaged from old age and replaced it with a new one from B&W. Problem fixed - or so it seemed. Just yesterday the new woofer on the lower right hand side has developed a similar scratching sound. My question is this - what is the likely root cause of this? Given the other three 15 year old woofers are working perfectly yet the new one has developed the same problem as its predecessor. Could this be caused by an ageing crossover? What else should I look at/test to find the root cause before once agin replacing this woofer? Luckily I bought two woofers at the time - one for insurance - as I really do love these speakers - I just do not want to have the same thing happen to it! Any help or guidance you can provide is much appreciated.

As far as #1 goes, don't hold your breath. B&W's customer service is terrible when it comes to things like this. I moved a few years ago and brought along a pair of B&W speakers that I had for only 2-3 months. There was no local dealer in my new location, so I asked them if they could just send me the part (crossover)and I would install it myself. Offered to send them the old crossover, as well. Anytime B&W hears the words shipping or mail, they go nuts. To make a long story short, They were kind enough to sell me a new crossover at full list and I had to drive over 100 miles to pick it up at a dealer. They made it very clear that they were doing me a big favour.

Looking at your #2, I really don't think it was the amp. In order to consider the amp as the cause, It would have to be used on all 5 pairs of speakers. I know for a fact that there wasn't one amp that went on all 5 pairs. Even if it did, how do you explain the same thing happening David_doerfer's pair? For me, at least, 6 pairs with the exact same problem, is beyond chance. There is also one other thing to consider with regards to the amp being the source of the problem. The amps that were used with the 802's were also used with many other speakers with no problems. That's why I though it might be one of the demo CD's. Its the only I can think of.

I would be glad to believe statistics and patterns, but the word 'right' kinda freaks me.
Glad I've never liked any of the Bowers. Aerial sent me a replacement woofer with 1 year warranty... Love'em my 10t's.

I know this thread goes back a couple of weeks- but where did you source the woofers?
It was my understanding that B&W themselves no longer have inventory, and I found a specialty audio shop up in CT. or Mass that sells them for like $340 plus shipping. Did you find them for less?

I don't need them- YET- but two of the four have started to develop the classis B&W "wrinkle" in the suspension which I have seen in a LOT of their woofers from that period. The specialized shop I called said it has little/ no effect on the woofer sound, but it likely need replacement down the road- and I push them pretty hard. I actually love them and believe the sound is different and much more musical then the bulk of their speakers. Probably, along with the classic 801's, the most musically enjoyable speakers B&W ever made. IMO.

Thanks. Gary