Blue Jeans Cable Iconoclast

I find it odd that Blue Jeans Cables, who always promoted that higher end cables don't make a difference (especially power cables) are now carrying this pricey Iconoclast line.


@navyachts that was a snip it from their website, BJC/Iconoclast. I did work as a service engineer for Belden 20 years ago in wireline for the oilfield. 

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@navyachts Appreciate your thoughts. There didn’t really seem to be any topic from the original post, so just want to add my experience. Hope it maybe helps some others at some point.

I have Harbeth C7es3’s. I was able to trial them and A/B them over months. 
the other cables I use include Inakustik and Black cat, and Blue Jean. 
these cables made a significant difference in the sound of my Harbeth’s. Enough to want to buy them. fwiw

Hi All...

I was using a respectable cable line about 14 years ago and wanted to try cabling that was more affordable, just to see how they faired against my cables.  I chose Blue-Jeans cabling for both the speaker cables and RCA interconnects and I didn't feel the investment was bad due to a return policy.  After some light break-in, there was a noticeable improvement in the music with more detail across the board and a little stronger lower bass.  I was certainly impressed.  I ordered a complete complement of these for my system and a set for my really good audiophile friend since they were so reasonably priced.  After some time of use, I wondered if there would be other less expensive more obscure cables I could try.  I found Audio Envy and since they had a return policy, I ordered a pair of interconnects and speaker cables.  Another great find !  They bettered the Blue-Jeans cabling notably in micro-detail with the Blue-Jeans cabling only having an edge in the lower bass.  Again, I was sold and bought the full complement of cables for my system and again a complete set for my good friend.  We both agreed on the improvements the Audio-Envy cabling made.  These have been our cables and we've upgraded with their latest iterations of cable enhancements.  That said, I am intrigued by the theory behind the Iconoclast cables however their cost is notably much higher than the Audio-Envy cables.  I've had the recent pleasure of trying another higher end set of cabling from a company I won't mention now that has a return policy.  While after an extensive break-in they do have a slight edge in micro-detail and sound stage over my Audio-Envy cables, the cost is 3X the price !  I will listen to them a little longer and then back to my Audio-Envy cables for another final comparison.  At this point, in my opinion, the amount of difference vs. price between the two, there isn't enough there to warrant the much higher cost.  

My suggestion would be to give Audio-Envy cables a try before you go for much more expensive cables.  I believe you'll be impressed.    Regards, John