Blue Jeans Cable Iconoclast

I find it odd that Blue Jeans Cables, who always promoted that higher end cables don't make a difference (especially power cables) are now carrying this pricey Iconoclast line.


Oddly enough I can't see a way to order Iconoclast cables at the Blue Jeans website. The links and information still push people over to the Iconoclast website which is autonomous. 

I'm a big fan of Iconoclast, having recently invested in two runs of speaker cables, XLRs, RCAs, and an AES/EBU. (I haven't switched power cords yet.)

My guess is that Galen and Bob needed to partner with someone who could handle the low-volume custom orders, rather than invest heavily into their own operation. Blue Jeans seem like the perfect fit. Bob and Galen do the marketing and sales support, BJC does the terminations, testing, fulfills the orders, and handles any returns or repair work. Their Ultrasonic welding setup does a fantastic job on the terminations, and the company is super-fast and responsive. 

I damaged a banana plug on one of my cables and had to ship it back from VA to Seattle WA and it was only gone for a week. 

Anyway, the cables sound really good. There's more info here:



@jahatl513 - my budget has runneth over on the old audio system of late, but if I happen to come into some cash somewhere down the road, I’d like to try them out too! Thanks for the insight. By the way, which series of the Iconoclast speaker cables did you purchase, Series 1 or Series 2?

@liquidsound - liquid sound advice, lol! Keep us posted and maybe share the third cable companies name once you’re done your testing.

@rooze click here: then click where it says "Introducing Iconoclast Cable" there is a link there that take you to the Iconclast website: Click on the PRODUCTS tab then scroll down to the bottom of whatever product you’ve selected, and you’ll see the BJC style order form there.


I think this was a smart business decision. Many people believe that cables make a significant sound improvement. Others simply have money to spend and want something expensive and esoteric. Now they can buy all this from BJC. There is no point in ignoring market demand even if that demand is on shaky ground. 

I have a pair of Iconoclast UPOCC Gen 2 4x4 XLR’s. Expensive but was a great match in my system. Only interconnect in my rig so that’s why 2!00 did nor seem so bad for pretty close to state of the art 

They will send you one to try. If you don’t like it send it back and they pay shipping both ways. You have absolutely nothing to lose. 
make sure you get a 5 footer. I was sent a 5 footer to try but when I bought I try to get away with a meter. The cable is very stiff as you will be asked for orientation of your XLR,s   When I got the 3 footer for some reason it did not sound like the 5 footer. Maybe not broken in or what ever but I got my sample 5 ft back. 
Bob the sales director was great to work with. Sent me out over 6k in cables for a 3 grand hold on my CC.  No pressure at all when returning.  

@benzman Thanks for sharing. XLR's would be over the top for me, both pricewise and work related as mine are like 15" long each and run under the house to keep them out of sight. Wouldn't mind trying out their speaker cables though, some time down the road.