Blue Jeans Cable Sound Good???

When people say Blue Jeans cables sound good.... what are they comparing them to?

Because the pair I just got sound pretty crappy....  compared to AQ King Cobra XLR / Emotiva XLR

Not trying to troll... I'm serious. What are these being compared to? Sounds like a thick layer of distortion hanging over my speakers...
BJC LC-1 interconnects are really good for runs longer than 4 meters.Its very system dependant using this series of cable.If you have a overly bright system it would make it worst but if you need the hardness smooth these are fanastic cables for the price.I owned the Cardas Sky,neutrals and microtwins and I say these are on the same level as the neutrals.I tried long runs of other entry level brands of less than $150 a meter and these are my favorite hands down.It may not work for everyone but for me I needed a pair of long cables that has decent shielding,doesnt colour the music and doesnt break the bank.
I find BJC to be a great value for the money. They will custom make them to the length that you want and attach a decent connector. I have never had an issue with them. Are there better cables out there? Of course, but I don't see many at that price point.
No, they sound mostly like crap for one reason or another when compared to lots of pricier name brands. Yeah, I’ve done that and I am now BJC-free. Same findings across several different systems. But they do sound better than Radio Shack. Mostly.