blue jeans cable?

anyone have any experience with these guys? i just want some good conductive cables for my zu omens...
I tried BJ cables twice and found them to be a tad bright and unrefined.  I did like their subwoofer cables however.  Two different systems yielded the same results for me. I find the newer bulk Duelund wire makes for a far more refined and musical speaker or IC cable.  
+1 BJC, I’ve bought Ethernet and AV cables from them.
Although BJC has received a lot of praise here, remember that these are considered entry level cables, which is why I used them.

But it wasn’t but a month or two later that I was ready To upgrade the Blue Jeans Ethernet audio cable. So what Im suggesting here is perhaps to spend a few bucks more to get something more satisfying and long lasting On the front end.  

My my first choice would be to call the Zu guys directly and ask or beg them for used or demo cables for the Omens (I own Omens too).

My my second choice would be to check out the Audio Advisor website and look at their custom or stock” Audioquest Type 4 Speaker Cables, No Frills”. I had them make me a pair for me for about $100.some guy named Tom or Dave or something has been soldering custom cable for them for like 20 years. Prices are reduced greatly b/c you are buying the cables which have been made at Audio Advisor rather than from Audioquest itself. So you are not paying for marketing here.

I run these Audioquest cables into my Omens. They sound fantastically good. Better than the Nordost Blue Heavens and Red Dawns, and better than the Analysis Plus Oval 9s

My third choice would be ..... Blue Jeans Cable
Let us know what you decide, best

I have bought many speaker cables from BlueJeans Cable.  Their no-BS-pseudo-scientific-sounding claims are  such a breath of fresh air given what one encounters in much of the audiophile cable industry.  Much of which comes off like some cynical prank on consumers.
Agree with prof

As a long time user of Belden cables on audio equipment, I finally began getting cables from Blue Jean, primarily due to their method used to connect high-quality interface hardware to the cable, and being able to specify the length of the cables. 

BJ cables are throughout my 2 way system (Brystion and Thiel), my son's 2 way, and the AV systems of two of my grandchildren.  No problems.  (BTW: We all have extensive CD collections, and prefer CD playback to streaming.)

The BJ web page has quite a bit of interesting reading on various cable and cable-related issues. Well worth perusing.