Blue Jeans Digital cable choices

I see Blue Jeans offers several different S/PDIF cables- Belden 1694A and Canare LV-77S in particular. Any opinions as to the superiority of one over the other?
I follow Blue Jeans advice and only use the Belden 1694A Brilliance for digital SPDIF. They guarantee 75 Ohms from connector to connector, which in my humble view is the only electrical parameter worth talking about. To me, anything else regarding digital cables is irrelevant. They do not mention if the Canare is true 75 Ohms.
I've learned that unfortunately every cable including digital ones make a difference in the sound emanating from your speakers. I have used the Belden from Blue Jeans for digital, among others with good results.
I appreciate the posts. I also believe that the choice of digital cable may be the last decision made in an otherwise perfectly tuned system. I believe the advantage of one digital cable over another is significantly outclassed by the speakers, amplification, source electronics, and source material. Go with the BlueJeans. You'll never know the difference.