Blue jeans lc1 vs mogami 2497 with phono input

I tested Blue jeans lc1 1m vs mogami 2497 0.5m, plug: MOGAMI 7553 in my system:Plx-1000 turntable with at vm-95sh cartridge connected to a-s3000 integrated with Blue jeans lc1, then mogami 2497, from a-s3000 to klipsch la scala by Clear day double shotgun speaker calble.
Blue jeans lc1 beats mogami 2497 i nevery way: bass, mid and high, great sound stage.Mogami 2497 good at high and mid, but bass is so dull and roll off.

Im just curious mogami 2497 need beak-in? if so, how many hours it need break-in?

Ithought mogami 2497 should be better in sound quility but it actually opposite.
Also using Blue Jeans LC1 of same length which replaced a number of other RCA cables I had used in same or slightly higher price range, and it beats them all. Turntable is VPI Scout Jr connected to a Rega Aria MK3 phono preamp, then Naim integrated amp and Focal Sopra speakers. More depth, better highs, and slightly better bass as well. I did not have a Mogami 2497 so don't know if it needs a lot of time to break-in, but the Blue Jeans sounded better even before extended break-in.
Ok you same boat. Ic’s try and true ended.
reason I tested is I could spend more about 200usd to buy better one. But ok, no need try anymore.
Hi Rfarassat,
im just curious which name of cartridge you are using when testing? Mm, mi, LOMC or homc?