Blue Note Jazz Recordings

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Check out the RVG Collector Series from Blue Note. The RVG stands for the legendary recording engineer from Blue Note whos name is Rudy Van Gelder.

I have just picked up Midnight Blue by Kenny Burrell. Just a fabulous remaster of a great classic. The RVG Collection from Blue Note is worthy of every Jazz Library out there.

What RVG has been able to do with these old tapes and put them to 24 bit CDs is remarkable. There are now several offerings under the RVG logo and if the rest are anything like Midnight Blue, they must be special indeed. I know I will be looking for additional RVG titles for my Jazz Library.

Heres the link to Blue Note.

When it comes to jazz, it just doesn't get much better than Blue Note.
No problem, Ray. They may not have a huge selection of what you might call 'audiophile' quality recordings, but there are a few gems and there are probably quite a few pieces you can use to fill out your collection where you wouldn't want to pay full price. As a member of some standing, I can also say that their customer service is very good. Only one shipment with a cracked jewel case and they sent out 4 replacement cases the same day I complained!

Loonytunz,I signed up and found 9 CDs that i like in a few min..also a very good website,very user friendly!
Ray, they have a pretty decent website. It would be nice if they would add the ability to search by record label, though. I sent them a suggestion for same during a particularly frustrating session where I was trying to queue all the Blue Note RVG releases that they have available. I had to track them all down one at a time by artist! But at least they only set me back $6 a piece... 8^)
I have recently bought Blue Train (Coltrane) and Somethin' Else (Adderley) on Classic Records DAD 24/96. Both are very good. They claim to be very close to analog tape and I wouldn't argue. These DVD's require the right hardware, but I am OK with a Pioneer DV-525 and Bel Canto Dac 1.1 setup. I will be buying more of these.

My other sources are CD using the mentioned playback gear and my trusty old Linn Sondek/Ittok/Denon DL-405.
A lot of these recordings have something going for them in that many of the ninyl editions have edits on them for longer songs, plus extra versions. Even the 20-bit copy of Mingus Ah Um I have is worth owning just for the 17(?) extra minutes.