Blue Ridge Sound Engineering Speakers ???

Has anyone heard these speakers yet?
Yep, cheap fer sure. 240.00 worth of drivers + cabinets(300.00?) + labor(?) + xover parts (100.00?) = 2000.00 for finished product. Even though I am skeptical about how they might sound, the markup seems to be in line with other high end speaker manufacturers.

>but for $26 a pair a deal for sure;)<

Not sure what you mean by that?

Tone Audio is going to do a review on these speakers soon....
Retail markup in almost any product category is 100% or more so this perhaps is not out of line. That said, I am surprised in general about how cheap most of the drivers are that we buy in our speakers. Check out to get a sense.

But I think in speakers we should be paying for sound - true that quality drivers play a part but beyond that it's engineering. A great speakersmith can make cheap drivers sing. A bad one can make great drivers sound like crap. Buy what sounds and looks good to you. If "economic sense" is important to you, this will prove to be a frustrating hobby/obsession.
Greetings from Blue Ridge Sound Engineering,

Thank you for your interest in our speakers.

I think itball says it well when he states that "we should be paying for sound". In any great speaker, the engineering that makes it sound great is worth far more than the component parts that go into it. Just as the metal, plastic and other materials that make up both a Porsche and a Kia may come from the same place, it's the engineering that makes the Porsche much more of a car.

That said, our drivers are highly modified and not available off the shelf in the form that they're used in our speakers.

In our case, we feel that we're selling Porsche performance for not much more than a Kia price, and our customer feedback supports this as well. Especially at auction prices, our speakers sell for less than the average speaker at bargain discount Hi-Fi shops, yet none of those bargain speakers have the slightest pretention tward the high end, where our customers agree that our speakers fit in very solidly.

Building speakers is both a science and an art. Starting with solid engineering, it also takes lots of knowledge, finesse and more than a little of what is perhaps best referred to as magic to create a truly musical audiophile grade loudspeaker. We're blessed with this elusive talent, this magic, and it's easily heard in our speakers. This is what makes them worth far more than the component parts.

I'd invite all of you to view our feedback here on Audiogon, our feedback on eBay, and our customer comments section on our website. The value of our speakers (and any other worthy loudspeaker) lies not in the individual parts but in the end result. The end result here is a bargain high end audiophile loudspeaker that sells for far less than other speakers with similar performance.

Please feel free to write me directly at President@BlueRidgeSoundEng.Com with any questions/comments.

Also, if you haven't already, please see our auctions here on Audiogon under BRSE and on eBay under BlueRidgeSoundEng

Thank You,
Carl Halling, BRSE
>That said, our drivers are highly modified and not available off the shelf in the form that they're used in our speakers.<

Yeah. You are the first manufacturer to ever tout that little detail.