Bluenote Distributor in US being dropped?

Just heard from a Bluenote retailer that Fanfare International will no longer be the US distributor for Bluenote.
This makes 2 products in a row for me.
I owned a Lector 7TL and sold it once I heard distribution was lost by Fanfare and given to another importer.
Now Fanfare is losing Bluenote and I am hoping for a new Distributor in the US who I will have follow-up serice with if necessary.
I won't be selling the Bluenote Stibbert either way ,with or without distribution here as it has yet to have an issue unlike my Lector that hd to be sent back 3 times.
Bluenote owners keep an eye out for new distribution
Just a F.Y.I.

Hudson Audio Imports is the new distributor of Bluenote products in the U.S.