Blues from the 50s/60s/70s

Im very interested in build a nice collection of blues from the 50s to 70s and found that vinil is the way to go because the great qwuality and variety. I need help with names of the best performers and great recordings of those years. Would you help me with some titles and details of what specials recordings I need to find? thanks in advance
Jorsan here are a few i love to listen to on vinyl.
Any of Bobby Blue Blands lps.
The Blues Brothers Soundtrack is a pure pleasure of sound and blues
Any of Clarence Gatemouth Browns lps.
Canned Heat plays the blues just fine.
Theres a issue of lps called Chicago The Blues Today a variety of Bands and singers good blues music.
Eric Claptons Blues World, Me and Mr. Johnson, Riding with the king.
Any James Cotton lp very good blues music.
Jimi Hendrix Blues on MFSL
Any of the Kings Albert, BB, Freddy,
You already know this Led Zepplen 1 2 3
John Mayhall plays the blues for sure any of them
Delbert Mcclinton does the blues
Early Fleetwood Mac is pure blues
Good luck and enjoy Dem Blues
I really appreciate this post. I'm in the same boat, starting to collect blues. It has been much harder going, finding good sounding blues recordings as opposed to finding good sounding jazz, which seems to be far easier. I was lucky enough to find a best of Lightnin' Hopkins with very nice sound. Also, Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall. Also, an Etta James Tell Mama original pressing sounds good, although more like soul than blues, perhaps. I've bought about 15 other blues LPs from my local stores and they are just terrible as far as sound quality goes, and not cheap. Crem1...I don't think the community on Audiogon is large enough to pump up market prices for such LPs, if that is what you are worried about. However, I would add that Crem1 has contributed exceptionally helpful posts in general, especially regarding steam cleaning - Mark
I want to give a second (strong) vote for Howlin' Wolf, especially his early recordings. you might find 70's compilations on vinyl (Chess esp.) for not too much $.

I'd also add Lowell Fulsom to the list - hot stuff!
Try "Blind Pig records", "Fat Possum records", or "alligator records". just google any of those and check out their websites.
Excellent post. I too love blues and am always looking for new finds. Rushton offered a very comprehensive list, some really great lp's. I also am a Muddy fan, Lost Tapes is another good one. Another vote for "Blind Pigs records ( Tommy Castro "Painkiller" is a great album from them.

Crem1- If you can't be helpful why bother responding, keep your condescending posts to the psychofants on your steaming thread, and please don't email me with your foolish threats again.