Bluesound Node 2 producing distortion and dropouts

I have my Bluesound Node connected via co-ax to a Chord Hugo TT-2 and have been experiencing some issues as of late. When I start to listen to music I sometimes have a distortion with dropouts. I have found that if I unplug the power cord on the Bluesound and press the buttons on the top and re-plug the power cord, the issue goes away.

is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a signal from the Bluesound that is starting to fail and I should start shopping for a replacement streamer. A little background, I originally bought this unit 3-4 years ago,new. I used a Rega DAC then a Chord Cutest and about 6-8 months ago the Hugo. Until a few weeks ago I had great service from this unit, so I don’t feel the DAC is related to the issue. I mainly am using Tidal and Qobuz for streaming.

any insight is greatly appreciated, thank you.



I don't get distortion but do get an occasional drop out.  Mine Node has a wired connection.  I find it is due to a needed upgrade or my device (new ipad or Node) needing a reboot or software restart, or just a function of my ISP.   We usually reboot our computers everyday but my node/ipad may not get a full reboot for months.  

I got a response from Bluesound and they suggested a different cable, but I really think that is not the culprit as I have been  using this Kimber D-60 for a few years. I see that the upgrade donlp33 mentioned 3.20.49 is coming but I can't seem to download it yet.

Fingers crossed!


I've been looking into the Primare NP5 Prisma MK2, supposed to be a little better than the Node and only marginally more expensive. 

I've been concerned about the reliability of Nodes too. 

I will look in the Primare, we have a good dealer locally. Also I have looked into the Cambridge, but hoping a software update from Bluesound will be a fix. Financially I have to wait, I just paid income tax and property tax and my wallet has an echo.

Good luck with the update, hope it fixes everyone's problems. Nodes are pretty much a staple entry level streamer. I hope Bluesound doesn't start taking that for granted. I'd have already got one for my office system if I haven't heard so much negative chatter.  

Cambridge certainly has a few streamers in this price point. Just seems folks don't like their app...?