Bluesound Node 2i Question

Just bought and set-up a Node 2i.  Set-up was real a pain, but after that, it works great and sounds pretty good.  My question is about streaming. We set it up with BluOS on an Ipad.  The Node is connected directly to my amp via analog RCA.

Is the music streaming from my router to the Node, or is it streaming from my Ipad to the Node?    I would have expected to enter my router password, and this was not required in the set-up process.
Depends on your setup. If you using an ethernet cable then no wifi password necessary. Also if you are using bluetooth or airplay you are streaming from the ipad to the node. 
Streams from the router to the Node.  iPad is just for control.  Example, select an album on Tidal, turn the iPad off, music continues playing.

clear as mud, huh?  Both of the above responses are correct, even though they seem contradictory.  Are you using Wi Fi, or Ethernet?
And are you using Bluetooth or Airplay?