Bluesound Node for Hegel 190?

Hey all,

I have a Hegel 190 driving a pair of PSB Synchrony One floor standers, my only source is streaming of Tidal via Airplay to the DAC internal to the H190. Streaming is via Airplay from my iPhone then Ethernet.

Would the new Node best Airplay and Hegel’s internal DAC? The Node has a 30 day trial period, so no risk other than time.

Does anyone use a Node with your Hegel integrated? Your experience would be welcome.







Node will best Airplay, DAC in Hegel better than DAC in Node...source is important too, not just DAC...

Airplay casts Tidal wirelessly to my router; the router is connected to the Hegel via CAT6 Ethernet cable, so Airplay is a combination of wireless and Ethernet. I want to start with a new streamer in the $1000 range. If I get an improvement in sound I’ll next try a new dac. My system is really simple at this point.

thanks for any advice.