Bluesound Node Issues After the Firmware Upgrade

I know a lot of folks own various versions of the Bluesound Node streamers. My Node 2 seems to have survived the 3.10.0 upgrade but my N100 is no longer connecting to the WiFi. The recent maintenance release 3.10.3 did not help.
Anyone else having issues with their Node devices?  
kalali, thanks for the link. I did try a reset last night,it did start blinking for 20-30 seconds,and then went back to solid red. I will try the reset again ,but this time I’ll connect it via Ethernet cable. The funny thing is my Node froze and I ordered a 2i before this potential fix. Isn’t that the way life goes sometimes? 
I have both a Powernode 2 and the original Powernode N150.  The 2 handles updates just fine, but the N150 will go into a solid red light.  Sometimes connecting by wire will finish the update, but I had to do the last 2 updates via USB stick.  The instructions are on their web page.  Try the USB route before you do a reset.
One little trick for the rest to work is you have to hold your finger on the button before you plug it in the outlet, and keep holding it until it starts flashing red. It should then turn blue if connected to ethernet or turn solid green if on the WiFi. Then just follow the set up process for WiFi...
I really love my Vault 2i but the past few upgrades I had issues.   Works fine now but after the last update I had to reboot the unit , it would not communicate with my tablet.
Bluesound fixed the issue with the latest firmware.
I had to manually install it, but it seems many have done it through the app successfully-per the Bluesound forum.