Bluesound Node N130

Hi I have replaced my Sonos Connect gen1, to Node N130. The Node can not work properly with coax cable it creates micro pauses and I can see that the display on my Simaudio flashes for one second, what is wrong? No problem on the Connect. I have tried two different cables same result. With optical cable no problem. The Node is connected with Ethernet cable (500Mbps).

Any clues


Is it possible the Node has a faulty Coax out?  Obviously you have proven there is no problem on the Simaudio.   Might be time to contact BS.

Yes, same with my N130. My Burson Composer DAC will not lock on signal with coax. Tried a few different cables. Toslink works (and sounds) fine.

Coax out worked fine when I had my Topping PRO 7DX though. I guess some DAC's are pickier than others.

I'm not familiar with those DACs but I use the USB port to my Denafrips Terminator II DAC and it works great.

On the Node2i there is a way to sync to the dac. SETTINGS, turn on Playback AUTOFILL.