Bluesound Node USB Output Connection

I am curious if my Bluesound Node USB output connection is ok. I am getting a signal; however, the Type A cable end does not fit as firmly as I would expect. In fact, it fell out when I lifted the unit for dusting.

Perhaps other users can verify if their experience is the same as mine, or if there is something that I can do to improve the connection.



A number of people have noticed this incl myself. I just pinched the metal top portion of the cable connector down a tiny bit to force a tighter connection.

@itball Were you able to insert the metal area completely then, or does some of the metal still show?

@imaninatural I assume when you say "I am getting a signal" that means you are using usb out to an outboard DAC and it works (plays music).. I ask because I've heard mixed reports that the update is out allowing the Node to be used this way.

Also assuming that you are using usb out to a DAC, have you compared SC to a spdif connection?  What usb cable(s} are you using or tried.  Noticed any difference in cables?

Thanks for your help..