Bluesound Powernode

Amazing sound to my Cornwall IV’s… I can’t believe how it matches the speakers, and I’ve had (2) CARY tube amps, many MARANTZ SS amps and receivers, a DYNACO ST-70… just covers all the bases for sound and does it smoothly and clearly with girth to mid bass whenever, loud or soft volume. I might cancel my DecWare order. Haha. The 102 DB seems to love the class D 80 WPC of this direct connection Amp/ DO ALL preamp. Love it!


Yes. Totally agreed. You know, I have both the Node and the Powernode. Powernode is not playing integrated power, as speakers are directly connected. I hear better separation, detail and bass. When the Node runs more so as a preamp, interconnects produce less of favorable sounds. 

Just think if you had even a mid quality digital streamer or dac it would sound much better in every way for detail and soundstage clarity and tone.

the Node is a very good value for the money though for a entry level streamer.

Can't say I agree. Fitted the Node with a DC supply and attached a high end. Sounds terrific.

I have an Aurender in my main setup but I use my Vault 2i everyday still.  It has given me 4 years of trouble free ripping and streaming 

Bluesound is in my opinion the best way to get into streaming.  Has a great user interface,  sounds good , low investment 

You have to spend a lot more to do better in my experience 

I’ll be odd one out - while I love the simplicity and reliability of my two Powernodes, and they are ideal for their current setup (powering inwall speakers in a multi room Roon system), I can’t say I loved their sound in my high end setup. I used them for a month on Devore Fidelity Super 8s and later Nines, and they were dark and not especially impressive. 

But for powering the B&W inwalls and working with Roon, they are great and sound much better than the Sonos setup I originally was running.