Bluesound recent update 4.0 tanked sound quality ???

BluOS but more importantly Bluesound just rolled out their v 4.0 software/firmware update.   After the update I'm hearing something totally different than I was getting before the change.  The overall sound is much fatter and the bass is soft, flabby and lacking detail.  I have four different Nodes (Node 2i) in the house and some of them are driving some really decent gear in a two channel room so the change in sound is very noticeable.   Has anyone else noticed this change in SQ following the firmware update?  I respect the opinions here and would appreciate your thoughts.  Thx, R


This is why I'm waiting to install the update. I want to hear from others if it's OK. I had a bad experience previously with new BluOs firmware.

Sorry it's not working for you.

My streaming subscriptions are with Amazon Music and Sirius XM.

I took the upgrade yesterday and haven't noticed any change in SQ but will be more observant today.

Not to go too far off topic, but I'm disappointed in the lack of basic functionality enhancements in the BluOS Controller App for Windows.



I have a Node 2i/Ares II in one system and a Powernode in a second system.  I've noticed no change in audio quality with the update.  I stream Qobuz, Tidal and FLAC files from a NAS drive.

The update went smoothly for me, although the interwebs say a lot of folks had issues.  I like the new UI; it is more intuitive and looks better on the smaller screen of an iPhone.

(Of course, Qobuz went down on Oct. 18th for a short while and drove the BluOS world crazy).

Did the update on my iPad a couple of days ago and hear no difference in the audio quality through Bel Canto DAC and amp and Q Acoustics speakers. The interface is a nice improvement..

I use a Node 2i and and external DAC. I notice no difference in the sound. New interface seems better and still getting used to it. I updated both the Node and the IOs apps.

Node 2i into external dac. Downloaded update yesterday. I only use for local classical radio station and Tidal. I have noticed no change in sq.


I updated to the new FW and SW on launch day and thought I heard a difference immediately after doing so.  However, after multiple days of listening, I don't think this is the case.  I'm using an N130 with an upgraded power supply and analog outs to the processor (eventually I'd like to add an external DAC).

Problem Solved

In my two channel room I was running the Node digital out into my Hegel integrated where the Hegel's DAC was doing the conversion.  In the Node settings there is an option to turn on "MQA external DAC"  While streaming NON MQA Qobuz or Spotify having this setting toggled ON was causing the problem.  Toggling it off cleaned up the SQ to what it was before the 4.0 update.  Toggling it on muddies the SQ of the non MQA music.

Thanks to everyone that responded, R