BlueSound Stinks(!), anyone?

I am looking for your help.  We recently switched from Sonos to BlueSound to get higher streaming rates.  So far we have had consistent problems and issues(!!).  Specifically, about 50% of the time my and my wife's BlueSound app does not recognize the Node 2i's.  When I delete the app, reinstall it and reconnect the Nodes, we again have the same problems at least 50% of the time.  It is simply a joke of a product and I find we are not alone.  I have tried just about everything.

Also, when I go online to get help, I find that I am not alone and there is a tsunami of negative (to the degree of very hostile) comments about BlueSound and for the most part it is the same issue.  I have tried just about everything and I am about to simply trash/sell mine and go back to Sonos.  If I do go back to Sonos, I will also leave a stream of bad comments on every forum I can since going back to Sonos will represent a big financial loss to me simply because Bluesound is an irresponsible/deceptive company at my expense.

Alternatively, I just want it to reliably work.  Do you you have and advice and/or guidance to get Bluesound to reliably work?  Is there a better alternative to to get higher bit rates thank Bluesound?

Thank you in advance for your help.  Dave

Don’t reinstall. In Android hold the app icon for a second, press App info. Select Storage & cache. Select Clear storage.
Restart app.
Yes it’s flakey. No you don’t have to change the app IP like others. It’s auto.
Ditch WiFi
Most streamers sound about the same depending on power supply and of course DAC. BluOS is the flakiest I’ve seen. In rising order MoOde, custom Volumio and LogitechMedisServer/Orange Squeeze are all more stable AND easier.
Just contact Bluesound via the app.
It takes a while, but they do get back to you. 
I have had issues with my Nodes, but Bluesound always came through.
Perhaps not as quick as I would like, but they did persevere to rectify the issue.
For the money, Bluesound is a very good deal.
The only other streamer I would consider is Aurender. But, then you are limited to Qobuz and Tidal.
FWIW, I get high rez on Qobuz with my Node's -the original cubes.
Yes, I have had issues, but, as I said, Bluesound did correct them.
Streaming is a new technology and issues will arise. 
I say, give them a chance to make good.
I will give BlueSound a few more chances although Sonos worked so well it set the bar vary high and of course, Sonos is less expensive.  

Does anyone know if the new S2 Sonos software will allow high res rates?  I was just reading up on it and it seems to set the stage to allow for higher rates.  That would work for me and if I struggle anymore with Bluesound I could at least get higher rates back at Sonos....and no frustration.  Thanks, 

It can be frustrating. 

If at all possible, connect your Node via Ethernet as opposed to WiFi.  My problems went away completely when I did.  You can get a bridge or set up a mesh network and plug into the Ethernet ports on one of your waypoints.  

Frankly, that’s an easier solution than replacing the router (which is sometimes called for when there are WiFi stability issues).  And, you’ll get the benefit of better WiFi coverage in your home, too.

Good luck.
I had issues like the OP about a year ago. I replaced/upgraded my WiFi router and the issues magically disappeared. 
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Interesting thread. I have been contemplating a Node 2i myself, and doing research on it and looking into the Apple app, it seems most folks on the App Store have a negative view of the app operation, or lack thereof. Which surprised me as so many like the streamer here.

Perhaps I’ll just stick to my inexpensive Dayton Audio little streaming box/access point. It seems to work well, and I don’t need to use the app at all unless streaming from my sever hard drive. It also sounds better than hooking up my MacBook Pro to my DAC via USB.
Yup any streamer from a $100 RasPI on up sounds better than a dirty laptop or Sonos.

OP just get a $25 wifi repeater to begin.
Or get a mesh set, put one node in the enterainment complex with a switch and plug everything in - TV, BluRay, Roku etc
The only thing you want on wifi is your phone and/or tablet for control.
I get much better support from Holland it Austria than from Lenmark. I figured out all the workarounds myself.
 Previously I had a Sangean internet radio with a Netgear router.  It had the problem you describe.  A new Motorola MG7550 router cleared it right up.  With that router and an iPad my Node2i has been flawless since day one - a year.  Not a single hiccup.  It’s WiFi. Love it.
I have a Bluesound Vault 2, which with respect to streaming and DAC is same as Node 2. Very happy with operation of app. And, very happy with sound. @fuzztone and @gdnrbob have informed guidance.
Even I own a bluesound vault 2 and very happy with it. It doesn’t have wifi connectivity, So I use a mesh. Compared to other music apps that I have used on phone. Comparatively I felt BluOS is very good.
No problem with my Vault 2 either. Never had any issues whatsoever and couldn’t be any easier to set up. The Vault has to be hardwired via ethernet so maybe do the same. The Node is definitely superior as a streamer over the Sonos and speaking with my local shop on the Sonos recently they said the version 2 players do not stream higher than 24-bit (44.1kHz/48kHz, FLAC/ALAC) per Sonos site. If you can go ethernet as it sounds better as well.
I have a node 2i and initially had similar issues. I initially had the bluesound app on my android phone and also on my android tablet. The issue you describe of the app not finding the node seemed to happen when I would switch between devices. I removed the app from my phone and just use my tablet now and I don't really have any issues anymore. 
My Bluesound Node has been bulletproof. Zero issues m very stable, control with iPhone or iPad. I also connected it with Ethernet cable.
My Node 2i was very buggy for the first 2 days (literally).  By the 3rd day, it had upgraded itself twice and since then I have had no problems (except network problems -- my LAN is very stable; my connection to the internet is not.)  When I read comments about other streamers at  similar price point, I read a lot of complaints about whatever App that streamer uses, so problems are not unique to BluOS.
don't give up.... do your research and test it.  Investment of time will yield quality of sound and longer term happiness!  It is a wonderful piece of gear for the price, and the quality is outstanding once you are all set....
I had a 2i and had zero problems, but as many have said, find a way to connect via Ethernet cable either directly or via an extender/mesh/etc.  I now have a NAD M33 that also uses Blusound and it too works perfectly with apps on my Android phone and my iPad Pro tablet.  Good luck.
My Node 2i has worked great from day 1.
It's connected to a gigabyte switch with cat7 cable (yeah, I know cat8 is available now).
My devices include Windows 10 and Android OS, so I can't comment on the Apple iterations. Since the Node 2i does the streaming over wired ethernet, it doesn't really matter what handheld device I used to control it.
Lack of documentation was my peeve at first, but it was easy & intuitive to set up and it just works...any and all the time. The BlueOS app has support for a vast number of internet radio stations and streaming services and, it has it's own sleep timer, which allows me to stream at bedtime without waking up to music playing on my class A/AB system all night.
The Pulse 2i powered, BlueOS speaker is better than my Harman Kardon Onyx 4 and it syncs perfectly with my main music can be playing wirelessly in the kitchen, etc, with no annoying time delay.
That said, the pulse is OK for a remote wireless speaker... not even near-critical listening.
Had the Node 2i for a year now and I consider it to be a great addition to my system.

Are you hard wired or WiFi?  These things don’t work worth beans unless they are hard wired.  At least for me anyway!  Good luck!
I have a Vault 2 and initially I had some very frustrating problems!

I did get Blue Sound on the phone at one point (limited availability) and there were several issues... the main one, if I am recalling correctly, was that the router supplied by Xfinity, which is also my phone modem, was total junk, and was creating confusion in WIFi land since I use an Apple Time capsule for my actual Wifi router which was hardwired to the Xfinity unit.  

I have my Vault 2 hardwired to the Time Capsule with a 25ft CAT5 cable... nothing fancy, and had the Xfinity router WIFI signal shut down by Xfinity... Recently the junk unit died completely and they came out and replaced it one with one supposedly better... no issues with that one... again hard wired to the Apple Time Capsule.  Both routers are plugged into a battery backup UPS surge protector, critical for where I live.

I can control the Vault 2 with iPad, Power Book, or my iPhone... it does occasionally do a software update which takes a few minutes.  
All in all the Vault 2 has not had any issues in several years...

I love being able to rip CDs into it and it sounds quite good through my ARC system...
Not up to the level of my REFCD9, but quite good and very easy to use. Handy back in the day when I could have friends over for dinner and be able to stream or set up a play list and control the sound from the dining room or kitchen.
NOTE: ALL the original Vault 2 issues were with the WIFI in my home not the Vault 2... Lovin it!
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I use the Node 2i plugged into a Nextgear extender. Make sure your tablet/phone is on the same network as the Node.
The BluOs App is easy to use. Wish it had an option to alphabetize my playlists.

Your story is so much different than ours.We started with a Node 2i, hooked up to my (ahem) Marantz AV receiver. Control was great through my PC, my Android phone, and my wife's ipad. My wife, not as much of a techie, really liked it. Then we added a Powernode 2i, such a simple sound system!  Then we added a Mini 2i in my wife's hobby room.  These were all easy to add, and worked very well.  These are all wired, but I did experiment with wireless in a detached room and that worked fine as well. 

Others have had good troubleshooting questions.  If wireless, a good newish router seems key. Is all the firmware and software up to the latest?  Good luck, I really hope you can make this work out.
I had problems too at first but once I disabled my ad blocker app on my phone it ran perfectly fine. I also find that hardwire is more reliable vs wifi. 
First of all at this level of price / SQ the benefits of high resolution are minimal. BluOS to me seemed like a work in progress and I abandoned it quickly. Life is too short. Sonos is still the gold standard for multi-room music streaming if you don’t want to explore other routes - Naim, Linn etc. 
I went the whole house route.  WiFi was poor from day 1, I eventually Ethernet wired the house and that helped.  However, I have had 2 Nodes die on me, and now only use the Vault2 in 1 of my systems.  Many problems related to updates.  Overall I would not repurchase it
As many have pointed out about the WiFi problems it is a concern. A lot of people do not know that internet companies can choke the speed of the internet companies supplied routers. I specifically asked for no router and they sent a combo unit anyway. I upgraded the router to the eero mesh router. You only need to wire one of the three. If you can wire all three that’s even better. It also lets you control what is using the internet via the app. I hooked up my BlueSound wireless and it works great. We all have so many devices working off WiFi. With the everyone being home so much more and the internet companies choking the speed the supplied Router has no chance. Just for !@&! And giggles. Unplug your WiFi modem for one minute. Plug it back in. You internet works so much better. 
If you want higher streaming rates, then chances are, you'll need (or want) to upgrade your network capacity. Maybe faster service, a better router(s), or wired connections. With the Node2i wired directly to an Orbi satellite, it worked fine for me. 
Back to, "Old Reliable"!
  I have wasted more resources, "Especially of my time"!
Attempting to integrate a, "streaming" capability into my rig than you would probably believe. Because in my mind? There is absolutely NO point in doing so unless it will sound "At Least" as fine as a "Wired", connection. I do not believe it exists at this time.
I had waited, and waited. Long have I waited to acquire this type of connection. And for many reasons.
   Alas, I wait still. As my last purchase in this endeavor.
The much hyped, "Blusound, Node2i", at the time of it's debut left me thinking I had received a bad unit. 
     But since I had purchased three....
Two days later and I I was done.
It, the much hyped, "Node2i", was "All Hype". And it had left me "Raging" at the whole industry. "Whether they were part of the marketing hype machination", "or  not". That hype which led me to finally take, "The Leap". into the world of,
"Consumer Home teaming". And for over two years before this I had tried just about every piece of "Streaming", gear available to me. In all of the possible configurations, and went through so much gear, so fast, that it completely filled the room adjacent, :"Home office" and I couldn't open the door as part of the :"Pile", had "self adjusted".
Finally? Back to a wired topology!
But now with DAC's galore!
And the "Hype"? 
It simply said that the damned thing actually worked correctly!
The tech. as of right now just simply isn't, "There", currently.
  I'll give it two more years until I would seriously even consider it again.
If you, "Want" that convenience now?
More power to ya, and good luck.


When it works. It doesn't stink. It actually sounds quite good.

Although, i do think they need to make their own remote device. I also have problems with bluetooth connectivity every time I start it up. Again it alk comes down to problems shaking hands with others. Sign of the times?
I went through a monthlong period where I got constant error messages on my BluOS app. Coincided with an upgrade from conventional network to Eero mesh. Hours of phone support calls to Bluesound, RCN, Eero later, one support person from Eero finally asked me what modem I was using...yup, that was the problem...SB6183 has bad firmware, never fixed. A new Motorola solved it. Now it works flawlessly. Wired with CAT5 (not even 5e) through an unmanaged switch to my EeroPro. 
Node 2, three years now, works fine if using ethernet.  BluOS app on I-phone is fine as is the app for I-pad. The Desktop app for Mac IOS is desperately bad.  I've used apps from Naim, Sonos and Auralic -- If streaming Tidal or Qobuz, the BluOS is equal to Sonos and superior to Auralic and Naim.
If I may? I too originally had bad experiences with the Node2i. Bad connectivity to the internet, the decommissioned Apple i6 I use couldn’t find it, etc. I was thinking it would be "plug and play" however it is not. Like any other component, it takes proper setup and dialing in to work its best. I did the following: 1) As mine is not hardwired I made sure it gets the best wifi signal I can give it. I got a wifi extender for my livingroom and it’s configured such that the only thing that connects to it is the Node2i. That was a big improvement right there. 2) I raised the Node2i’s location in my cabinet so that the wifi has a better line of sight not only to the wifi extender but for its internal hotspot to the phone I use. 3) I keep it updated. Bluesound regularly releases new software. It’s best to keep it up to date. With just those minor adjustments to the setup, it’s been very much better. Occasionally the phone will drop its connection but it reconnects on its own rather quickly. I like that I stream from Amazon, my own library of ripped music or use Pandora via BT. I think for the $500 it was a good purchase for me.
Happy listening!

Get a phone or PC based Wifi analyzer app.  Make sure you are on an unused channel.


Ok, thank you for all your thoughtful comments and help.  You all have given me hope to will drive on and endure a bit longer....although my wife is very vocal how she hates the move to BlueSound.  As a next sttep, I just purchased a Netgear Nighthawk CM1100 modem and eero Pro 6 router.  I will see how that works and if it does not, I should still have better wifi in the house so it would not be a loss.

With all this being said, I do have a bit better luck with my ethernet connected Node 2i in my listening room (marginally but better) but my kitchen system is in my daughters closet with no cable near to hardwire. 

If nothing works I will join,  jollygreenaudiophile22 in my disgust although I will go back to Sonos and a happy wife.  

All, thank you again! 
I had the same problem with the Node 2. I got a great on the Vault 2i and have had no problems with it, and I have received several updates. Customer Service sucks, you will grow old trying to contact them, and they always call back when you are at work and can't do anything.
To me, all this talk about having to spend more on better routers and modems, or having to have a LAN connection is just a bit silly. I use my WiFi every single day for not only work, my computers, my phone, my printers, but also 3 Roku TV Streaming devices that should be much more demanding than a music streamer. I have no issues, or if I do, they are very rare. In fact, you don’t need much of a high speed connection to run a TV/video streaming device, let alone streaming music. If the device works well you can get away with as little as 10-11 down with a single device for video. Of course a house full of users and you would need more. I live alone.

I dunno, to me it is a bit discouraging that a $500+ device won’t work well with most anyone’s WiFi setup or equipment today. For that kind of money, to me, it should.

As I stated, I have a Dayton Audio streamer/access point that only cost me $50, and does not have these issues. And in most cases, I simply select the Dayton streamer/access point as the audio device selection on my phone or iPad and steam my music directly from my Tidal app -> Dayton streamer -> DAC -> pre -> amp. I will use the Dayton Audio app to connect to my simple hard drive server, but that is rare, and I must feel very lazy to do so.

Can it stream with the quality of a higher end streamer? Possibly not, but streaming is typically my 4th choice for listening to music, not my 1st.
I own four Node 2i streamers that I use for various secondary zones around my house. But I generally use Roon to control them instead of the Bluesound app. I think they are all connected via ethernet since I have my whole house wired, but I have occasionally used them connected over wifi to set up a temporary system. I've owned them for about 18 months and have been very happy with the performance and reliability. 
I’m listening to Claudio Arrau play Debussy now with my Vault2 streaming files from my NAS,  and really for the price it sounds great.  However, I wish I could be reimbursed for the 2 Node2s that died on me
I have never heard a streaming service that sounds as good as a CD. I don't know why it's all the rage unless it's access to a vast range of music. But you can get a vast range of music from You Tube or from the online branch of many radio stations in Europe and elsewhere. Good Luck.
I have two Bluesound node 2i. How well it works depends on your wireless setup. I have very good mesh routers on 802.11ax and I stream very easily using the Bluos iphone app.
I can’t say bad at all about Bluesound.
I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you experienced. What a bummer.
I had some NAS setup questions a long time ago and they responded to my email within a couple days with the information I needed to solve my problem.
I do recommend them and feel they offer a great value- especially for people just getting into our hobby.

I have Lumin as well. They make great stuff, but their software leaves a lot to be desired. I hope some day Lumin’s app will be as reliable and as user friendly as Bluesound’s.

I currently enjoy:
2qty- Pulse 2i mini’s (wireless)
node 2 (ran wireless for a long time, currently wired)
power node (wired and wireless)
pulse 2 (wireless)

Interesting discussion. Reality, Sonos has the connectivity and interface nailed. I’ve been using Sonos products for quite some time. Recently, I think the software has become clunky. To some degree, I think Sonos is trying too hard. But, in the end, the interface software is still the gold standard of multi room systems. Having said that, SQ isn’t the best, but not horrible. Their speakers are ok too. I am looking into a Bluesound Node 2i currently, as it seems, overall, the reviews are very good. Pretty much a given the SQ on the Node 2i is better than the new Port, which I currently have. What really is leading me to something new is Sonos lack of high-res playback ability. I have added a ton of Flac and other high res files on my NAS that I cannot access via the Port. That has become a deal killer for me with the Sonos, I’m going to give the Node 2i a shot. I don’t listen to streaming music critically, but I would like to be able to play all the music I have stored, as well as use the various services I subscribe to. Fortunately, I will be using an Ethernet hardwired connection with Apple products.
My experience is that bluesound only works reliably if you have very good wifi or if it’s hardwired to the internet. The wifi reception is terrible. I would try that just to see if that fixes it. Of course many of us don’t have the option of using Ethernet where the stereo is. Pretty frustrating to purchase a streamer with iffy wifi reception. Even my Apple TV in a very small box has better reception. 
My experience is that bluesound only works reliably if you have very good wifi or if it’s hardwired to the internet. The wifi reception is terrible. I would try that just to see if that fixes it. Of course many of us don’t have the option of using Ethernet where the stereo is. Pretty frustrating to purchase a streamer with iffy wifi reception. Even my Apple TV in a very small box has better reception.

This. I've had a Node 2 since it was released and when I moved to a mesh router all connection issues vanished, as did wired vs. wifi sound quality -- no difference to my ears.
Bluesound is a great product.  I use a vault and 2 Nodes.  My Vault is wired near my main system...running an Ethernet connection is simple and preferable.  I use external DAC’s on my amplifier’s...Krell Vangaurd Digital or my McIntosh MA8900 DAC.  No issues for 2 years now!
I have a Vault 2, a Node 2i, and a Pulse Flex 2i.  I use an iPad for control.  I have no problems in two different residences.  All but the Vault are set up wireless.  I run the updates when notified.  I have no complaints with the BluOS app.