BlueSound Stinks(!), anyone?

I am looking for your help.  We recently switched from Sonos to BlueSound to get higher streaming rates.  So far we have had consistent problems and issues(!!).  Specifically, about 50% of the time my and my wife's BlueSound app does not recognize the Node 2i's.  When I delete the app, reinstall it and reconnect the Nodes, we again have the same problems at least 50% of the time.  It is simply a joke of a product and I find we are not alone.  I have tried just about everything.

Also, when I go online to get help, I find that I am not alone and there is a tsunami of negative (to the degree of very hostile) comments about BlueSound and for the most part it is the same issue.  I have tried just about everything and I am about to simply trash/sell mine and go back to Sonos.  If I do go back to Sonos, I will also leave a stream of bad comments on every forum I can since going back to Sonos will represent a big financial loss to me simply because Bluesound is an irresponsible/deceptive company at my expense.

Alternatively, I just want it to reliably work.  Do you you have and advice and/or guidance to get Bluesound to reliably work?  Is there a better alternative to to get higher bit rates thank Bluesound?

Thank you in advance for your help.  Dave

I have used bluesound node 2(not i) for years, never upgraded to the 2i because I use an external DAC.  node 2 has always been hard wired and controlled with IOS devices and I have never had any connection or issue with it.  I would add that the bluesound app has improved a lot over the years, when it first came out Sonos was way ahead, now its pretty much a push.
Thanks for the smile and complement 1extreme125 re my child like youth......and I assure you there are many like me.  My adult side is telling me to upgrade my wifi modem and router.  I have purchased, I think, the best of breed of both and am going to see if that fixes the issue.  This weekend I am diving into hooking that all up.  

Based on all the adult like posts:), here I expect/hope that will do the trick.

All, thanks again for your thoughts and encouragement.
It’s not always easy to get the connectivity issue straightened out, but when you do, Bluesound is great!  I’ve been using a whole house setup for four years, and have had only one piece fail, a first generation Powernode, just six weeks ago.  I have seven units, nodes and powernodes from all three generations, and they all perform well.  My only issue is that our house is sprawling and WiFi signal is weak.  Finally installed an Amplifi mesh system and performance showed dramatic improvement.  Now my only issue is internet accessibility.  We live on a ranch in Texas’ Hill Country and there’s no good ISP around, only twisted pair DSL line run in a half mile to the house.  That’s our limiting factor, not Bluesound shortcomings.  Words cannot express how much the whole house system has improved our retirement lives.  Music from end to end of the house as well as in garage/shop and pieces, front and back. (Thank goodness we don’t have any neighbors!)
Node 2i here. Had a problem after one of their updates with my PC's app.  Sent them a help request. Their service responses were ASTOUNDINGLY GOOD.  I know, all caps but it really was as good as it gets.  Stayed with me until we found a workaround.  Yes, my DAC sounds better than their built-in one and yes, the app could use some tuning. And yes, I'd like a "remote without a speaker" to use with my other audio systems.  But wow, great support when I was at wit's end.