Bluesound Vault 2i, Cocktail Audio X40 or ??????????

Have decided to move out my CD collection but still want periodic access. Believe that the above or something like them provide the solution.

Any thoughts, comments or alternatives would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in a advance.
Why bother with all this ripping of CDs? ??  I have never seen the point in that.
So you spend days copying your pile of CDs, most you have not played in years,  are you really going to be playing most of the copies anytime soon.
So now what are you going to do with the CDs? Sell them, give them away, dump them?
Besides, all those tunes are now easily streamable from many sources,  that will sound just as good or better.
Just like all that music you put on tape years ago, how much have anyone gone back and played?
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Long time ripper here. I would like to add some thoughts to the process. I recently bought the Vault 2i and I think it is good for its job, however you may want to consider a different approach. 
When I started the process I bought the pro version of Dbpoweramp. (Worth the investment) being from the IT background I was concerned about fault tolerance and corruption. I decided to go the NAS route with disk (RAID) protection. I ripped with maximum error correction in FLAC and zero compression. This became my base master. I then ran a batch conversion to apple lossless to upload to Match. I also ran a conversion to a 320 mp3 directory for compressed data for a iPod store on my Harley (outdated today) The point here is I could do whatever I wanted with the master after it was ripped bit for bit. Up until now I have been using my SB Transporter ( still have 3 if anyone wants to buy them). What intrigues me most about the Vault 2i was the Apple integration and a single interface for all our music and music services. In addition to our class A music room we also play music through HomePod pairs ( yeah I know they are pricey but sound good in pairs) in the Kitchen, bedroom and sunrooms. The vault 2i shows up as a target on airplay2 and the music app is easy for my wife and she can simply tell Siri to play the music to any combination of targets. 
We have 40k songs ripped, Apple Music, and Tidal. I feel that I have achieved access to high quality music of my choice and ease of use for my wife and as any married man here can attest. Happy wife Happy Life!!!! To prove the point... I told her I am going to sell my ATC 5.1 system and buy the new ATC20 pro combo with the ATC P2 mk2 bundle and she thought it was a good idea 😉

I have a Vault and I’m just about to  finish ripping 700 cd’s. This took 9 weeks just walking over and inserting the cd and replacing it when it finished ripping.  The nine weeks could be much longer if you are not as on top of it as I was. 

I couldn’t imagine doing this through my computer it wouldnt be worth saving 500.00 for all the extra labour involved.

I know someone who ripped 2700 cds with his computer and wished he would have purchased a vault. He could not believe the time involved. 

The vault ripped in bit perfect. 

I ripped them all into wav, I am not sure why anyone would want to rip them into flac not unless your music collection will fill the Vault's hard drive of course.

While the Vault was ripping them into wav I set it to also rip all cd's into vbr so I have a copy in wav and vbr.

Anyway this is my experience with the vault. 
Has anybody transferred flac files from an NAS to the Vault?  Is it easy to do?