Bluesound Vault position

I've found my Bluesound Vault is better situated on my rack in the vertical position. I'm certain streaming will not be an issue in this position, but I'm wondering if burning to the internal hard disc could be affected or if listening to already burned music could be affected. I played a couple of CD's I've burned to the internal hard drive and it seems to be ok, but perhaps the sound could be degraded. Doesn't seem so, but I'm wondering if you all have opinions? I tried googling it to no avail. 



I ripped a bunch of CDs a while ago.  Add a few here and there.  I can pull them from the Vault over the network and put them on my Aurender’s SSD in FLAC and it sounds pretty good.  Honestly since having Qobuz for 4 years now and Tidal for a few months I can’t imagine not having a steamer.  I still play LPs but mostly stream since it has come a long way in just a few years.  
My Vault has ripped hundreds of discs and has played thousands and thousands of hours of music without a hiccup 

I transferred about 0.75 tb from the Vault to a Synology NAS several years ago, and it was a complicated, non intuitive process.  How did you “pull them over the network “?