Bluetooth Speakers

Thinking about ordering the Riva Turbo X. On sale currently at close to half price. Anyone here have one? Do you like it? Any other options in the $150 range?

Also, there is a wide variety of Bluetooth speaker reviews and comparisons by clavinetjunkie on YouTube.
I don't have any experience with the Riva Turbo X but can highly recommend the Peachtree Audio deepblue2. I've bought two of them, one for my daughter and one for some friends and the sound quality is exceptional at the price.
If I had 150$ I'd get UE Boom 2 or Boom 3. They're both easy to carry, sound amazing and have beautiful designs. What else do you need? :) 
I bought a Riva Turbo X on sale it sounds quite good but it's big and bulky to lug around.  My FoxL always comes along for the ride when I'm travelling and I'm always amazed by the sound that comes out of it versus it's relative size.  The FoxL will get lost in a big room but it does really well in the average hotel room.

I'd consider how much space you need to fill and how portable and water resistant you need it to be before choosing a BT speaker and narrow it down from there.

The Riva sounds good but it's not particularly portable/packable and the gloss finish will scratch quite easily.