Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Recommendations for Laptop


I was cleaning my laptop and messed up my right speaker when I was cleaning it. Now whenever I have the sound on it makes this annoying loud sound. The sound doesn’t stop when I plug in my headphones via the aux port .

When I plug in a bluetooth speaker it works fine and the sound coming from the built in speaker stops. I don’t want to deal with replacing the built-in speakers, I use this laptop as a desktop pc anyways since the battery also died a while ago.

I am looking for a budget bluetooth stereo speaker that can do the job, I am open to other possible solutions in case I am missing something.



And, what is your budget for this "budget bluetooth" speaker?  What different people consider "budget" is all over the map. 

On that note, here are two options for your consideration:

For a Zoom meeting I host in a mid-sized classroom, I bought a Lenrue bluetooth speaker on Amazon for $13 that works quite nicely for voice. Much better than the built-in speakers on my laptop. 

For home use in a bedroom, I recently picked up a refurbished AudioEngine B2 bluetooth speaker for $129 that is pretty good for music, They are $199 new.  I'm pleased with it though no one will mistake it as a replacement for a dedicated stereo system costing thousands. 

Lots of other options out there.