Bluetooth/USB/3.5mm connected integrated under $500?

Hi all,
I've recently set up a small office system using my Pioneer SP-BS22 monitors and a relatively new Sony STR-860 receiver. However, the latter is much too powerful for the room. What's a good sub-$500 integrated with Bluetooth/USB/3.5 connectivity (one or the other) that could work in a small room?

I intend to stream Tidal/Deezer or play those platforms through a cable. No CD player needed.

I could use active monitors like Audioengine, but since I have the Pioneers and they work wonders for their price and I won't be using the system all that much, I'd rather keep them and invest in the amplification aspect. The Sony is 95 watts; I could use half of that at the most and be happy.

Thank you!