Bob Backert / RHB Conrad Johnson Mods?


Anyone have their CJ gear modded by Bob Backert? I'm thinking of hiring his company to mod my CJ PV12 with phono stage and I wonder whether anyone's had this done. If so, does the sound completely change or does it retain some of the CJ character from that era? What did you gain? Did you lose anything? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
I have no experience with Bob Backert but I prefer outboard phono preamps. It gives you more options and easier replacement. The PV12 will still be running as a preamp because phono stages are really pre-preamps so all the CJ sweetness remains.  
I have very little space so having the phono preamp and "regular" preamp in one box is nice.
You can toss the phono pre behind your "stuff" in most cases unless it's real big. . 
Have and use both. Onboard and external. I’m a big Mac fan so I had TWO done up a C11 and a C20 by Mike Samra, then I added and external. Sweet as could be.. I’m using a Puffin, what a cool little phono preamp..

I’ve had a Decware on order for months now.. I will be here the 3rd.. SO each unit has 5 options. On board MM, MI, and MC. AND external Puffin (digital) and Decware’s point to point, tube rectified phono stage.. Samra’s Mac phono stage’s are pretty friggin’ good.. We’ll see if Decware is better..

The Puffin though.. what a COOL PS preamp.. Keep the CJ just recap it.. Very special sound CJ. Maybe teflons or something..

STL has some really cool stuff in Canada.. REALLY cool..
before you do that , check with hamad at amplifier surgery, out of chicago,  he did mind and it still maintain the cj sound.  and he is alot cheaper than bob backert.  tell him damon from atlanta recommend him.  he  also did my cj 2300a  great sound and you can tailor what you want to have done.  

I think I'll stick with Backert. I've read some very positive things about his work on CJ equipment and his special power supply is intriguing (he invented and patented a whole new kind of power supply). Also, I can drive my gear to his shop fairly easily as I'm relatively close to his shop.

I'm sure Hamad does a good job too though.
@williepullman Good choice. Bob is one of the most genuine/honest/talented/fair guys you'll ever meet. I know lot of members of the local audio club, PAAG, that have had him mod CJs and Audio Research preamps to great effect and satisfaction. Cheers,