Bob Carver C-500 worth restoring and/or upgrading??

I have a Carver C-500 that I am the original purchaser of back in the 80’s.
It has been stored well, but has not been used for 30 years. I have a need for a good amp with some power to drive some DynAudio Contour 20 4ohm-rated speakers.
Can anyone "with experience with C-500s" tell me if the amp is worth refurbishing/upgrading? Where I should get it done? ...and a guesstimate cost range? I am looking for good work, not a cheap price. I also respect skilled, knowledgeable technicians... The unit has nostalgic value to me, so if it can compete with today’s solid state amps from a performance standpoint, once refurbed...I want to do it up, RIGHT!
At the very least I will need the capacitors replaced.
Any takers??? (Bob Carver BASHERS need not respond, although I am open to knowledgeable criticism of the C-500 with specific evidence! 😎).
Thanks guys!

"Why not call Bob and ask? Think he is still here in Lynnwood."
Funny....I filled out a form on the Carver site about my repair and got an email today from Bob's current partner in the tube amp business, Frank Malitz. I  decided to call and talked to him for over an hour about life and amps. (and not just Carver amps.).
They do not repair vintage product anymore but refer me to the one and only authorized repair service in Illinois that handles their repairs and refurbishing.  I am tending to do that, but would still like to hear from people who have actually had a C-500 restored and what it's performance is like, today.... Frank is a delightful, knowledgeable man who has a vested interest in the product...I just want a little input from people who are currently listening to a restored C-500 and how it compares to modern solid state amps, I guess....... Thanks.
Get a variac and plug the amp into it and turn on both with the variac set at zero. Slowly turn up the variac over a 12/24 hour period until 120 volts are reached. This will let the caps reform without shocking them with a sudden turn on. Next hook up the amp and have a listen. No hum/noise is a good sign that the amp is working fine and can be used without need for new caps.
If it continues working and sounding fine leave it alone! I'm sure the C-500 sounds as good as any of today's overpriced amps!