Bob Carver's Amp

Has anyone had any experience with his amps?. More specific the 350 monoblocks.

Currently use a sunfire amp, it is class H,
and has massive balls, and sounds great! Never gets hot, and is an amazing powerhouse.

in regards to the new 350 monos, they are simply wicked, demo’d Them while back, and a friend of a friend has a pair of the smaller ones, even they sound amazing!

 If you can afford these bad dogs, get a pair!
   Wish I could, but by the time I’m ready for a purchase, most will be dirt napping.

yes, 350 watts from tubes and a wicked hand made transformer!
   Don’t wait, email Carver, have them get started hand making your pair, and have Rob Carver personally sign a pair for you.

 Their amazing, I’m sure. @ozzy will be here soon.

I sold my Crimson 275 last week. Bought new, had for 3 months. Great all arounder, but I need the cabbage back for my new PMC incoming. My buyer got a screamer deal too. 
I don't think I want to buy one.i don't think I want to go back down the tube amp road again. I did like the sound of tubes just didn't care for the maintenance.
I found it curious that the Carver's had a 15 warranty on the tubes even the KT120s'
This is the other Ozzy.

I have a Crimson 275 and I like it very much powering a pair of Spatial Audio X3 loudspeakers.