Bob Carver tube amps

Hello, looking for Carver amp info the read out there is a little sketchy. Is that place still in business? And who is actually making the amps? Do the have a factory in the Pacific Northwest….I live in the Pacific Northwest so I could drive there if I had a problem.

I need a tube amp for my Klipsch speakers, you tube heads out there is this the brand I should buy or is there a better option?

I can still remember in the 70s when my father in law went to the factory and grabbed me a Phase Linear amp and preamp off the factory floor..I had more problems with that thing, once and a while it made a super load pop when you turned it on..





Always wanted a carver amp.

own the 600 Sunfire, no matter the speakers used, powers on effortlessly 

great amp!

wanted those crimson 350’s, a bit too much $ for us.

there are a couple very well populated recent threads re the carver crimson 275... search and you will find, lots lots of info posted

no need to rehash here


Looking at the Bob Carver website it looks like the 350 mono blocks are now considered "special order".


The redesigned Dynaco 35W amps would be worth looking into.  Vacuum Tube Audio or Will Vincent come to mind.  You will see.Dennis Had amps on ebay highly regarded.  These are all reasonable cost.  I would add a couple subs.  Then you will really see improvement.  Happy listening!