Bob Carver tube amps

Hello, looking for Carver amp info the read out there is a little sketchy. Is that place still in business? And who is actually making the amps? Do the have a factory in the Pacific Northwest….I live in the Pacific Northwest so I could drive there if I had a problem.

I need a tube amp for my Klipsch speakers, you tube heads out there is this the brand I should buy or is there a better option?

I can still remember in the 70s when my father in law went to the factory and grabbed me a Phase Linear amp and preamp off the factory floor..I had more problems with that thing, once and a while it made a super load pop when you turned it on..





yes indeed, it is good to be reminded that a promise is only as good as who it is that is making it

The greatest issue, concern and potential problem, failure, and breakdown mode of any Carve rproduct is FIRE. He is famous for his flaming amplifiers nicknames "Flame Linear" and "Sure Fire" you will want to be cautious regarding their placement and installation and keep them away from any flammable materials.

None of Carver's businesses last very long he is great on ideas but not much else.

Not specific to Carver, but I would not buy equipment from a company on the edge of viability. Service in the future will be a disaster, unless you live in an area where you’ll be able to find good independent audio repair shops.  And, given all the choices, I wouldn’t buy equipment with extensive quality concerns. What’s the point? Life is too short

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I saw some recommendations for Line Magnetic amps here. I don't know how the customer support in the United States is, but my customer journey with the Line Magnetic LM-503PA Mono Vacuum Tube Amps in Vienna is terrible.

Spoiler: Would I recommend buying a Line Magnetic product? Not when you are in Germany or Austria.

In the Summer of 2021, I spent 10k on a pair of Line Magnetic LM-503PA mono vacuum tube amps. This was by far my worst decision in 40 years of buying hi-fi gear.

So far, I have enjoyed listening with the amps for 11 months. But for 5 months, I couldn't enjoy listening with the amps because of defects and ridiculous customer support. As I'm writing this, my Line Magnetic LM-503PA is defective at the distributor for repair for more than four weeks, and Line Magnetic has not even sent the missing spare parts from China to Germany yet. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of my terrible customer experience with a Line Magnetic product.

This is why I wrote a customer report about my journey with the Line Magnetic LM-503PA mono vacuum tube amp. The report is about many customer-unfriendly emails, a dealer who doesn't answers emails at all, the European Line Magnetic distributor holding my amp hostage, and Line Magnetic in China refusing to answer my questions.

Carver gear, from vintage to current, is all I have ever purchased for audio.

Nelion, Hitech, (Greg and Roland) bring these great pieces back to spec and even a few “upgrades”.  But that is my decision to buy and have refurbished (mostly) before even plugging in most of them.

Tube amps are simple things.  Any competent repair shop will be able to “fix” any problems any newer tube amp might have in 20-30 or 40 years from now (if tubes are still being made by then(?))

But I have had even non-serviced 40 year old Carver equipment playing music and they sound great.  So getting “service” on 30-40 year old, 2d-3rd or 4th hand, equipment isn’t that difficult.

Not sure why there are so many trashing them.. If it sounds good to you, it sounds good to the only person that matters.

Jim Clark has been very responsive and helpful even for information on “older” Carver Silver Seven.  Probably going to get the RAM285.

Have an A760x from Greg at Nelion driving a pair of Tekton Double Impact SE right now, 100 db is what I am getting clean (measured with Pile meter) before I hear distortion..  Since I ordered them as bi-amp, I can use the RAM on uppers and the A760x for lower (have a couple of Tekton 2-10 subs ordered also)

the DIs do seem to like it better when I limit lower end to them to above ~40hz.

But I might just be hitting power limit.. Lights do dim a bit at times…

Balance of systems.. Nice, loud, great sounding music that doesn’t cost as much as a house…