Bob James

I haven’t listened to Bob James since 1980.

He has a new album out with his trio called ‘Rocketman’.

It is encoded in a great high resolution format.

Check it out on your subscription streaming platform.



In the May/June TAS there's a review of "Bob James: Feel Like Making Live!"

I was and still are a huge fan of the Bob James CTI years with James working with Creed Taylor the wonderful producer and Rudy Van Gelder the fantastic recording engineer. Theses three together made some killer music in those years. James also arranged about 50% of the the CTI’s records in those days. Here is a link to Bob James CTI catalog of records he worked on.

Bob James CTI

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For all you Bob James fans I have Bob James Four & Touchdown on vinyl, 6 Bob James cd's and 12 FourPlay cd's I will be selling soon.