Hi all
I'm seriously considering purchasing the Boenicke W11 SE+ but I'm unable to demo & only have info from reviews I've read.

Are there any Boenicke owners on here who can provide their opinions...?



Great review of Boenicke W11’s including comparisons with the W8.

We have here in U.K., W11’s and W5’s on permanent demonstration, used with Mola Mola pre/dac and Mola Mola power amps. Digital sources include the Fidata server.
Hi Rich

I have the smaller W8 SE+ speakers which are basically a little brother of the W11 but retain a similar set of components.

The speakers are fabulous with acoustic and classical music in particular - vibrant, rich tonality with an amazingly deep 3-D soundstage and great timing. The bass and mid range are astounding in terms of depth and realism with a natural but not harsh top end - the high frequencies are not as extended as other designs so if you like techno I would not go for these speakers. there ability to reproduce vocals and string instruments in particular is mesmerising

For me the speakers were love at first listen. I visited my dealer intending to audition and purchase Manger P7s. On the off chance I asked to listed to the Boenicke's and quite simply burst out laughing when they started playing - I have never heard a speaker quite like them.

They are current hungry and I run Devialet 800 - dual mono amplifier producing 800 w in 8 ohms and have the Devialet SAM profile turned on. TH takes the bass down to 23Hz! I use HiDiamond 8 cable which is a nice match

The W8's are perfect for my small 18ft x 15 ft room. I was advised that the W11's would over power my room and need a lot of space.

Hope this helps

Is there a hidiamond dealer in the USA?  I'm interested in their speaker cables.
Thx, Ken
@rubinken - Apparently they have no current distribution in the US or Canada. Used to be a Canadian distributor that handled all of North America but that was several years ago and he no longer deals with the line.