Bogdan Audio speakers

I am in the research stage for a future speaker purchase and recently became aware of a speaker builder and his company called Bogdan Audio. Wonder if there are any Bogdan owners out there that can share their experience. Also helpful to get any impressions from those who have heard them at past audio shows.
The 2 that you mention both use Raal Tweeters and Bogdan has put them on sale here on Agon for half price. He showed the Catalina at 12k and took offers on the Petra...Neither sold.
Timlub, that is why I was hesitant about the value proposition of both of them. Resale would likely take a large hit if you ended up not loving them. And at those prices, you better love them. The relative value of the Art Deco seemed to be more in line with the MSRP. Listening to them yourself first would be the best option before jumping in.
Good to see a response.
A small company not well known I assume.

I am interested in the experience of working directly with a speaker builder from start to finish.
It would be nice to hear from those who have also chosen this approach and their results.

Many good choices at this point that I hope to narrow down.
You may want to look at a few other custom speaker companies as well. Vapor Audio, Salk Audio, Selah Audio.
Toddnkaya offers good options for companies that will do custom builds. A couple of others that will do custom work and offer good sound are Tyler Acoustics and Soundfield Audio.