Bogdan Audio speakers

I am in the research stage for a future speaker purchase and recently became aware of a speaker builder and his company called Bogdan Audio. Wonder if there are any Bogdan owners out there that can share their experience. Also helpful to get any impressions from those who have heard them at past audio shows.
I just bought a pair of Bogdan Mini Monitors last night. They were a one off speaker. I absolutely love them. Built like tanks and sound incredible. I was worried about resale value but not anymore. I won't be reselling them, unless someone wants to offer me three times what I paid.
Contact Ryan at vapor sound..he has speakers that cost 6k that are 10k anywhere else. He puts alot of money into top end parts.
I am looking into all that have been suggested.
Appreciate the support.
Special thanks to Csmgolf and B_limo for their help.
Other experiences and opinions always welcomed.
I thought I should go ahead and add a little bit to my previous post.

The Bogdan mini monitors that I had became tiresome to listen to. It was a little bit like seeing a t.v. with the color turned way up. At first it looks good but then after a while you realize that it's not natural...

The bogdans, in my small room, were too much. The bass overwhelmed my room and the highs were a bit taxing and induced listener fatigue.

They definately used high quality parts (clarity caps, seas midbass and fountech neo cd3.0 tweeter) and the cabinets were built like tanks.

Another thing is that I couldn't get past the look of the speakers and the build quality of the cabinets. The tweeters were positioned slightly off level too which bothered me. The woodwork was so so, with slight defects, splitting and wood that was not lined up properly.

They are by no means bad speakers but the initial enthusiasm for the sound quickly wore off. I have had quite a few speakers but none that impressed me so much initially only to become too much a week later.

I wouldn't judge Bogdan Speakers based on the mini monitors that I owned though, since these were a one off speaker and I do believe his other speakers are quite different.
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