Book Shelf Speaker advice - Formerly Book Shelf Dilemma

Hello all. I posted this earlier under the title Book Shelf Dilemma. Thank you to the many who replied with excellent advice and suggestions. Some responders asked about the room dimensions and as I investigated the suggested speakers I concluded that the room dimensions and furniture set up may be important to consider. So, I am reposting with a schematic of the room which shows the Bay Windows and furniture as well as a note that the insulation between my apartment and the unit below is marginal. I make this point with the understanding that a Sub Woofer may be good to include.

Note: I want to position the speakers along the Bay Window facing back into the apartment and dining/kitchen area. Most of my listening is done from this area.

Budget - $1000.00 (with stands would be a bonus)

Amplifier - McCormack DNA 0.5
Pre - McCormack ALD-1
Source - Cambridge 851N - Spotify Premium
Music preferences - fairly eclectic
Jazz (Bony James, Lee Ritenour, Paul Harris, Bob James)
Female Vocals (Eva Cassidy, Duffy, Sarah Jarosz, Nadine Anderson)
1980’s Rock (Emerson Lake & Palmer, Yes, Dave Mason)

Thank you all for your suggestions and advice1


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I would suggest looking at used speakers but going that route with speakers you haven't listened to in your environment can be returns.

About a year or so ago I was in a similar situation as you in terms of budget. After auditioning the usual US budget speakers from the likes of Polk, Elac, Kef I easily decided on the Polk Reserve 200's. A very neutral and balanced sounding speaker to my ear. Sale price around $600 which leaves room for stands. Able to handle lots of watts with no resonance or tinny or fatiguing sound that plaques most cheaper priced speakers. Pretty solid enclosure as well..around 20lbs a piece I believe. 

I would suggest an in home listen of the Polks to anyone looking for speakers in your price range...Good luck! 

Find a pair of KEF  100 or 300. Paired with my Rotel, or Marantz. They had enough warmth and low end for a 12 x 15 room.  Also a used pair of Nola Boxers, and you can check out the focal line. 

I second Wharfedale EVO 4.2. I’ve been enjoying them this past year and they are on sale now. Very full range to my ear. 

If you aren’t in a hurry, I would wait for a used pair of Vandersteen VLR’s (non-CT).

They are really quite a sleeper, and will work well with your McCormack equipment.