Bookshelf Recommendations

Long time, first time here. Looking to upgrade my current speakers. While I know the best way to judge is by actually LISTENING to a set-up, I've read a lot of positive reviews of the SVS Ultimas. Does anyone here have first hand experience with those or a similar bookshelf at the +/-$1k price point?

My listening space is 12 x 12, with a Carver M1.5t power amp and CJ PV-12 pre. 
Grea debate!  I owned the LS50's - lovely to look at but, in my 12x12 room - the rear port-itis made me want to tear out my hair!   I just could not take the puffy low-end.  I'm a retired drummer and dislike that kind of bass playing sound.

I recalled the sound of my previous polk LS9's as working better.  Finally found a used pair in excellent condition.  After trying way to many speakers in there, the polks ended up the keepers.  For now!  drumbe
I’ve owned a ton of gear and you can’t go wrong with ML or Krell.  Go JBL....most satisfying choice plus they can be adjusted for frequency balance in your room with built in EQ buttons !  
In my opinion ADS Book Shelfs will give speakers worth 10X their price a run for their money.
Starting with their L300s
II use a pair of 300s with a powered 8"powered sub.
The Pangea 3 column speaker stands sell for $100 on Audio Advisor. There is a '300' in the model number. 

Paulcreed, If I were looking for another pair of speakers I would be interested in those Usher Be 718s.   
ADS?  The old L300’s from back when?  Those little stand speakers?  Are you kidding?