Bookshelf sized-cost no object

I'm looking for a bookshelf sized speaker for home office. Cost no object. 2 channel now possibly expand to multi DVD-audio or SACD.

Any suggestions? Thanks
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I've listened to the Red Rose #3 and was very impressed. It has bass like no speaker that size should. Combined with the articulation of the ribbon tweeter this speaker presented a soundstage like a far larger (and perhaps more expensive) speaker. It isn't cheap, $3500, but there are some far more expensive bookshelf speakers. I've heard many more expensive, but I haven't heard any that I personally enjoyed more. I would also recommend a tube amp with these speakers--it's really a nice combination with the ribbon tweeter.
The Legend monitors impressed me and many others quite a bit at the home entertainment show in NYC. Also outstanding are the Talon Khites, Tyler monitors, Merlin TSM, and the ATC SCM20. None of these are cheap(they run from $2500 to $4000/pr.) but they represent some of the best monitors available today. They are also very different so personal taste would need to dictate as usual. Best of luck.

Take a listen to the Revel M20 speakers. They really hit the mark with these speakers. I didn't get an oppportunity to listen in a "bookshelf" setup. The audition I did was in a listening room, but even if they only perform 1/2 as well in a bookshelf, I still say you can't go wrong.
In addition to the choices above (of which I have only heard the Red Rose #3...WOW!), listen to ProAc Response 1sc ($2000), Joseph rm7si ($1800), and the MBL 311D ($4000).
Before you make any decision, listen to the Dynaudio 1.3 SE Mk.II ($3,500 new). I haven't heard the Red Rose #3, but the Dynaudio beats most of the larger size speakers I've heard that cost almost twice as much..