Bookshelf speaker for an apartment

I rented a 1BR apartment as a 2nd home and want to upgrade my speakers.  I currently am using Totem Mini's through a Denon AVR-X6200.  My speakers in my main system in my home are Sopra 2's.  Due to Covid I am unable to audition speakers but have read good things about the Focal Chora 806, Aria 906 ane the B&W 707.  I would like to keep the budget under $1000 for the pair but go a bit higher for the right speaker.  I welcome suggestions.  Thank you.
If you think the sound is good now, try a nice 2 channel integrated like a hegel H190, h360, or a newer Mcintosh, or even the new ps audio integrated and you will be blown away how much better everything will sound
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OK Focal Aria 906.   Good Choice and a great choice given the price I see on the A4L website.  Others mentioned KEF LS50, and at current prices a downright bargain.

I would have suggested QUAD S1 or S2.  Small ported bookshelf speakers, with ribbon tweeters that many believe sound better than the LS50.
Ascend Acoustics makes some really nice gear. Their more expensive bookshelf speakers would be in your budget on the used market.