Bookshelf Speaker For Outdoors

I've been using a pair of Definitive Technology AW6500 speakers with an NAD C325BEE for years and want to get something significantly better. Thinking of using a nice pair of bookshelf speakers and drilling the back to wall mount them under an awning. I like the AW6500s for what they are and consider them the best you can get in a true outdoors speaker,but find them lacking in REALLY good sound. I spend a lot of time outdoors and entertain a lot with music around a fire pit. I would of course upgrade my integrated along with them. They would sit under a large awning, so not exposed to rain, but would be exposed to outdoors. Maybe a plastic cover when not being used? I use a LMS>Rpi4 picoreplayer>Musetec 005>Krell Digital Vanguard>Dynaudio Focus 360 in my main system and was thinking of LMS>RPi4 picoreplayer>Gustard X26 Pro>Class A or NAD C298>Dynaudio Evoke 20. Stream 3000+ 16/44, 24/96 flac and SACD DSF files. Thoughts on using the Evoke 20's outside and if so, being riven by NAD C298 rather than class A amp. Worried a little about the Dynaudio rear port if used outside. Don't want the speakers to become a spiders/bug nest. Open to other thoughts on speakers or just a plain old 'your crazy' will suffice. Thanks


Well, go ahead and install indoor speakers outside, rather than any of the high-performance, weatherproof speakers designed for that purpose, then.  Just sayin'.


Chill, as I originally said open to 'your crazy' comments. But, the anonymity of the Internet doesn't mean you can be rude.

I apologize if my "just sayin" comment set you off. Was trying to explain that my budget was not a factor.

Wasn't aware that Dynaudio, KEF, etc... made outdoor speakers. Will have a loook. Thx.

I think the Dynaudio OW-8 with an SVS Powered Sub is the solution. Thanks for pointing me there.


I heard their Flagstone model at Axpona a few years ago in a large open atrium. They have a nicely balanced sound and were designed to be outdoors. 

@btscott: did you pull the trigger on anything yet? if so, what did you go with?