Bookshelf speaker for Stingray II?

I'm putting together a secondary system based around a Manley Stingray II. I'm looking for bookshelf speakers (27x13x17 inches max, h/w/d) that will synergize well with it, and also work well lying on horizontally in a wall unit.

The room is large (28x18x8) and very "live," and the wall unit is on a short wall. Tweeters will be roughly at ear height, sitting. Obviously, the set up is severely compromised from the get-go, but it's our living room and I have to make the concessions.

I've read that the small Reynauds (Twins, Bliss) are good with the Stingray but I don't know how they'd sound on their sides, close to the wall. Any other suggestions? I'd probably need something sealed or front-ported. Budget is around $2K but I'm willing to step up for something just right.

Because of the room size and limited power of the Stingray (20w triode, 40 ultraliner), I'll need a pretty easy 4 ohm load. I have a small Von Schweikert sub I can add. I currently have a Moth S2A3 + Omega Grande 8Rs (3 watts + 96 db single-driver) in this space and the combo fills the room surprisingly well, with the sub. But I want more body and impact than the flea watts can deliver, hence the Manley.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
Why not wait to see what the Manley does with your current speakers? It's additional power will give you more body and impact.
I think you are going to be OK with your Omegas.

For a number of years, I drove the Omega Super 3s with a Prima Luna PL2 tube amp (and a Rega Apollo CD player). The Omegas were placed on their sides on a shelf inside a bookcase with rear walls. To further complicate the situation, the speaker height was about 5 feet off the ground.

I spoke with Louis Chochos (Omega) at the time and he felt that it was no big deal. The only thing that he suggested was to possibly tilt the speakers up a bit from the back and have the sound fire down, which I never did.

It worked out fine. I still have the same on their side speaker placement set-up today, though I will occasionally switch out speakers.

The lesson learned was not to spend huge money on speakers in this type of set-up. The set-up is compromised and not all the audiophile points will be checked off (like separation). Speakers that worked best in this set-up were the Rega Aras (now R1), the Omegas, and the Energy RC10 ... all speakers in the $500 range. Speakers that did not work out were the Totem Mites and Spendor SA1 ... go figure, as the $2000 Spendors are designed to be placed almost anywhere.

Sit tight ... unless the upgrade bug has you bad ... then sit tighter. The Omega 8Rs are really nice speakers ... maybe you can speak with Louis about upgrading the drivers to the ALNICO version.

Thanks guys for good advice. I'll certainly wait to see what the Omegas can do with the Stingray. Their front ported is good for this placement. But I'm also interested in other possibilities, just in case. Those Spendors look interesting, being sealed cab and a pretty benign load. They'd also fit upright in the space. Never heard 'em, though.

Rich, do you think the Alnico upgrade a significant improvement to the Grande 8R? If so, in what areas?