Bookshelf Speakers for office ~$500

Hi all,

So I managed to get lucky and win a little integrated amp + streamer as part of a giveaway, so I'm looking to put together a small budget system for my home office so will need to pick up some good bookshelf speakers.

I don't want to spend a ton of money on these since they'll mostly just be background music while working, so I'm setting my budget at $500 max (used perfectly ok) though landing under that would be even better.

I've browsed through other threads asking this same question, and most are dealing with much higher price points so the suggestions were above the budget mark. Mostly listening to Jazz and not interested in adding a sub. Will likely end up being wall-mounted.

The amp is 100wpc (8ohm), so should be able to drive most basic bookshelf speakers, I'd think.

Thanks for any recommendations!

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I ended up remembering a pair of small speakers I heard a while back that sounded pretty good and picked them up used - Epos M5.

Can’t really beat $150+shipping for that. I think they were originally like $650 new back in 2005, so they’d be around $1k today adjusted for inflation. I’d probably feel fairly confident they’ll be better than anything new at that $150 price point :P

Jazz mostly so I guess tweeter/midrange is the most important I’m guessing. Along with some punchy mid bass. Off the wall suggestion, used old Snell. I had some Snell Eiii I think they were. Wonderful speakers and very expressive for that kind of music IMO. Sounded pretty damn good for harder stuff as well. I miss those for certain music. Antithesis of sterile!